How to copy Mac OS X Leopard DVD

Copy Mac OS X Leopard DVD

Want to copy your favorite DVD on your Mac OS X Leopard? Mac DVD Copy can assist you anytime. The advanced DVD Copy technology makes it easy to Copy your DVD Disc to a new disc, or saved in a DVD folder, or ISO from your DVD, DVD folder or DVD image ISO sources. The interface style of Mac DVD Copy is as concise and simple as native Mac applications.
Let’s experience it together to copy Mac OS X Leopard DVD.

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How to make backup copy of DVD on Mac

Preparation: Insert the DVD you wish to copy to your computer and download this Mac DVD Copy software online.

Step 1: Install DVD Copy and run it.
Open the .zip archive to install DVD Copy on your Mac. It will be finished in a short time. After installing, you can run it directly.

Step 2: Import DVD/DVD files.
After you launching the software, you will see the following interface:

mac dvd copy source

You just need click the copy to local icon, select the DVD disc you inserted under devices in navigation window and click "Select".

Step 3: Output settings.
This DVD Copy Pro provides you with rich output settings for your DVD copy file.

1. Choose the Subtitle(s), audio(s).
You can choose your preferable subtitle and audio to backup in the pull down menu by hit "Subtitle" and "Audio" button.
2. Select the copy mode (optional).
This DVD Copy Pro provides 4 copy modes so that you can burn the whole DVD or just the content you want to clone to your local hard drive.
Copy modes:
Full Copy: Copy the entire DVD-Video discs, DVD-Video images (.iso) or DVD-Video folders, including all the titles.
Main Movie Copy: Make a copy of the longest title contained in DVD-Video discs, DVD-Video images (.iso) or DVD-Video folders to one DVD disc, getting rid of the features and the movie trailers.
Customized Copy: Copy the selected Title(s) or chapter(s) to the new DVD Disc.
Split Copy: Split a long movie on D9 disc to two D5 Discs, preserving the quality of the movie.
3. Choose VIDEO_TS folder/ISO/dvdmedia according to your needs.
4. Set output destination for the output DVD files.

Step 4: Start DVD clone
Click "Start" button to begin copying your DVD movie on Mac.

Newly upgrade:
This Mac DVD Copy can support Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or above (including Snow Leopard) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc. Now it is also compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).

Price: $39.00 Free Download

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